Here you are going to find some information that we think you should know about mobile & internet subscription.

You are from a foreign country, and you just moved in France for any reason. It can be for job, family reasons or adventure! Well, for the adventure you should go in Australia, big spiders and stuff make you feel like an adventurer, more than our baguettes and Eiffel Tower! You have a lot of things to do to start your new life in our beautiful country! Find a place to live, maybe find a new job… But once you have done all these things, you must subscribe to a French mobile & internet subscription. Instead of using the subscription from your country. It can be very expensive, and sometimes not that useful! So we are going to give you some information that we think you should know about these mobile & internet subscription.

What you should know

First of all, almost all our territory has access to the 4G! Which can help you if you want to share moments with your family or friends who stay in your home country.

Second of all, as you maybe know, the national currency of France is the euro. You have to know that these subscriptions have to be paid monthly. That means that subscribe for a certain price that will be debit every month on your bank account.

It exists 4 main phone operators: Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free Mobile. Which offer different type of subscription, with price more or less expensive with an international opening or not!

Then, some of the subscriptions have a commitment period (mostly one year). This means that you can’t unsubscribe to your offer before a certain date without paying extra money. So, you have to pay intention to this if you don’t stay more than a year in France.

We selected the most interesting package for you who need to call or text people who are not with you in Franc : 

Sosh is the best package for you. It offers for 9,99 € per month during a year (after it is 24,99 € per month),  50 Go of 4G with unlimited calls in metropolitan France, to mobile phones and phones of United States and Canada. Unlimited calls to phones of Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and the DOMs? Finally, you can send unlimited texts to Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and the DOMs.


If you don’t like this package and master the French, you can consult our page of mobile & internet subscription! You can even compare them!

We hope that this article has been helpful for you! If you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer to your questions with pleasure!